what is a degree mill?


    Are All Fake Degree Sites Actually Diploma Mills?

    A lot of times people use the term "diploma mill" to describe a business that issues novelty diplomas. Although this is true, not all novelty diplomas are issued by mills. To better understand my point, you need to know what a degree or diploma mill is. What is a diploma mill? In short, a diploma mill is a business acting under the name of a phony educational institute which in returns distributes diplomas on the behalf of their school. Case in point, I start up a university online called "McGuire Institute of Commerce" and for $1,000 I'll sell you a diploma from McGuire and you can tell your friends, whomever, you graduated for my school. A lot of people will say, well McGuire isn't a real school because they aren't real classes or a campus but that is where the definition of a diploma mill gets murky. You see, let's say I set my own academic...

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