How are GED and High School Diplomas the Same?

    While having a GED diploma means that a student posses the same knowledge as somebody with a high school diploma, this does not mean they are the same.  There are differences between the two, including the time and requirements it takes to earn each. For example, each may require you to be of a specific age, among other restrictions. Knowing what option is best for you and your circumstances is important in choosing the better of each option. Age Requirements: High School Diploma vs. GED? The biggest difference people notice is the age requirement for each. In most states, somebody can apply to earn a ged diploma after they turn sixteen, they can no longer be attending high school, nor can they have graduated high school and received a diploma. Some states may have additional requirements in order to apply for a GED. As far as getting a high school diploma goes, there...


    How to prepare for GED Test

    Studying for a GED test can often be difficult, especially if years have past since your last time you have had to study for an exam. Although these tests have come a long way from the days of pencil and papers, as more and more students take their test online, the same basic understanding required to each such a degree is the same. A GED is a four part test that consists of questions involving language and arts, math, science and social studies. The questions are often asked as multiple choice, fill in the blanks, drag and drop and short essays. Many people who have taken the test will suggest that you spent time studying because it can be difficult to pass. Fortunately there are a few websites that offer great practice tests to prepare yourself. Once complete you are given a ged diploma which features you name, your testing center, and dates...


    Top 3 reasons why somebody would buy a fake ged diploma

    There is common misconception that everybody who buys fake GED diplomas are simply using them to falsify their credentials and to get ahead in life. The fact is, that couldn't be further from the truth. In fact, as a seller of some of the most realistic fake GED products on the market today, we often listen to our customers who speak the truth about their intentions with our products and we thought we'd use this feedback to create this helpful blog article about the top three reasons why most people buy such items. Most people want to replace a lost or damaged diploma The fact is, after a student is awarded with a GED diploma that is likely the only diploma they will ever get from that testing center, even if something was to happen to it. The sad truth is, after you pass your test, testing centers will often print you out a diploma...


    Replacing my GED Diploma Wasn't Easy

    After I passed all of the individual tests needed to get my GED, I remember the day I was handed a certificate with my name on it letting me know that I was a certificate holder. The process wasn't easy, as I struggled with many parts of the test and on many occasions thought about giving up. What inspired me was what my family was going through. You see, I was taking this test just before my nineteenth birthday, having just dropped out of high school and needing to financially support my mother after my dad had just passed away. It was also a personal achievement for me, because neither my dad or his dad, had gotten their diploma before. Now, nearly thirty years later when I found myself in need of replacing that very same certificate after misplacing it, I find that my options to get a second copy...


    Definition, Realistic Diploma

    A realistic diploma, also referred to as a fake diploma or a phony diploma, is an authentic-looking recreation of a diploma once issued by a high school or college. These diplomas are often used as a replacement diploma or as a way to boost one's self esteem...


    Definition, Forged Diploma

    A forged diploma is a faked or replicated diploma designed to look like the orginal document. Such a diploma is often created using a diploma template and is often bought as a backup diploma copy...

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