A guide to the best educational websites

    When we often think of jobs that we consider to be "thankless", teaching children, for some, is often up there.  It is often uncommon to see both parents and children struggle trying to work with their children, only to see looks of exhaustion as they roll their eyes back in frustration. Fortunately, there a number of great educational websites that can help your child through fun interactive games and quizzes that enhance their knowledge, test their brainpower and may someday help them lead to getting their diploma on graduation day! The following is a list of the best educational websites that we've found for teaching children and sites that we definitely recommend every parent bookmark and save for later. 1. Fun Brain What child doesn't love the joy of playing a fun game? At Fun Brain they offer a wide variety of interactive games that mix the joys of things kids love with solving problems. Consider "Math...


    Why a college education is crucial in today's economic climate

    As we look for college diplomas that will give us the edge in the job market or degrees that will pay the best, understanding the importance of a college education in today's economic climate is important. During the time students spend at high school, they begin to question the importance of a college education. Sometimes students may ask themselves, “Should I care about going to college and if I do, what will it offer me?” Although many circumstances - some of which personal - will ultimately determine how you handle your academic future, there is no doubt that a college education offers numerous benefits to those who take part in it. The fact is, somebody with a college education is more likely to a land a job over somebody who lacks one. That is because more and more employers are searching for college educated employees to fill their positions. In fact...

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