How are GED and High School Diplomas the Same?

    While having a GED diploma means that a student posses the same knowledge as somebody with a high school diploma, this does not mean they are the same.  There are differences between the two, including the time and requirements it takes to earn each. For example, each may require you to be of a specific age, among other restrictions. Knowing what option is best for you and your circumstances is important in choosing the better of each option. Age Requirements: High School Diploma vs. GED? The biggest difference people notice is the age requirement for each. In most states, somebody can apply to earn a ged diploma after they turn sixteen, they can no longer be attending high school, nor can they have graduated high school and received a diploma. Some states may have additional requirements in order to apply for a GED. As far as getting a high school diploma goes, there...


    How To Display Your Diploma

    Looking for some helpful tips on how to best hang your brand new diploma? We know how much of an accomplishment getting a diploma can be and showing it off with pride, is very important for many. That is why we put together this helpful article that discusses how to best display your diploma for others to see...


    Using the best diploma templates makes for a better product

    The fact is, all diplomas are created from templates. These diplomas display details including the school's name, student information, dates, and more. Once a template is created, it is possible to mass produce it for thousands of graduates every year. Sites that offer fake diplomas have simply taken a template and replicated, so that it can be individually reproduced for their clients. During our time in business, Diploma Company has collected a wide variety of templates including ged diploma templates, high school diploma templates and college diploma templates that have been provided by former graduates or located by our research team. This collection allows current customers a breath of fresh air, assured that their diploma will be a high quality replication of an actual diploma from their school of choice. When requesting such a product, a client simply needs to choose the type of diploma they want to order from our catalog...


    How Diploma Movie Props Improve Movies and TV Shows!

    Lights, camera, action.... diplomas? When you think of a prop in a movie or show, you're probably picturing a wad of cash that an actor playing a banker might be holding? Or maybe a driver's license an excited teenager like McLovin in Superbad might show off to his friends? Props such as these are often used during the production to heighten a scene and help bring it to life! In fact, props are often so memorable that some are sold to fans for insane prices through auction sites. One particular type of prop often spotted on movie sets are "diplomas" or "certificates". You may have spotted one of these during a movie that has a graduation scene. Maybe during the ceremony, a student walks across the state to get their diploma. The diploma handed to them, in the film, would be a "diploma props". In some cases the prop may seem more...


    Definition, Realistic Diploma

    A realistic diploma, also referred to as a fake diploma or a phony diploma, is an authentic-looking recreation of a diploma once issued by a high school or college. These diplomas are often used as a replacement diploma or as a way to boost one's self esteem...


    Finding replica diplomas you can trust!

    When it comes to cloning anything including replica diplomas, a good forger will tell you that in the details is where a quality replication lies. That is because a reputable duplicate of anything, takes into consideration the real object and emphasizes what makes it unique! This careful consideration ensures the characteristics that give the real object life aren't skipped on the newly crafted forgery. When making replica diplomas, the same rules apply. What goes into achieving a quality replication of a diploma? The first process is having access to actual diplomas, not just photocopies. The fact is, diplomas are different depending on the school, type of degree, and graduating year. A lot of times it can be simple differences like the thickness of the document's paper. Other times the differences can be more glaring like where the document seal! A question a forgery might ask themselves is, is how is the seal placed? Is it aligned...

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