How are GED and High School Diplomas the Same?

    While having a GED diploma means that a student posses the same knowledge as somebody with a high school diploma, this does not mean they are the same.  There are differences between the two, including the time and requirements it takes to earn each. For example, each may require you to be of a specific age, among other restrictions. Knowing what option is best for you and your circumstances is important in choosing the better of each option. Age Requirements: High School Diploma vs. GED? The biggest difference people notice is the age requirement for each. In most states, somebody can apply to earn a ged diploma after they turn sixteen, they can no longer be attending high school, nor can they have graduated high school and received a diploma. Some states may have additional requirements in order to apply for a GED. As far as getting a high school diploma goes, there...


    How To Display Your Diploma

    Looking for some helpful tips on how to best hang your brand new diploma? We know how much of an accomplishment getting a diploma can be and showing it off with pride, is very important for many. That is why we put together this helpful article that discusses how to best display your diploma for others to see...


    How to get the most money out of my college degree?

    As college degrees are necessary for landing a good paying job, it is important to understand which majors will increase your chances of landing a great paying job! As many college graduates plan to walk across that stage at the end of the semester, we decided to take a moment to discuss the best paying college degrees in today's job market. Currently, jobs that require engineering degrees top the list with a median mid-career pay of $88,600 to $155,000 and a median starting salary of $51,700 to $97,900. In second place are computer science degrees, with a median mid-career pay of $97,900. Coming in last are positions that require human services and early childhood education degrees, topping out at a median annual salary of just $39,000 annually. Before, we took a look at what degrees were most desired by businesses, but that doesn't always make them the best paying. For this article, we...


    How to make a high school diploma

    The fact is, fake diplomas are very simple to make if you have access to the right materials. They are great for those attending a recent graduation party who may not have graduated themselves but want to impress old friends. But there are also other reasons why somebody may want to buy such a product. For example, they want to protect their real diploma and put out a fake one in its place for those visiting their home to see. At the same time, they may want to display their diploma in several places such as a home and office, making the need for additional copies. Although the reasons for wanting one will vary, the path to obtaining one can be frustrating for some who don't realize the many steps involved in doing it right. Some will try to make one themselves before smashing their computer in rage! For others they...


    My job wants my diploma but I don't have one!

    You showed up for work on Monday morning and out of the blue your boss calls you into his office! He says the company needs a copy of your credentials! Your job wants your diploma. All of a sudden you realize you don't have one. First of all, is it normal that jobs ask for my diploma? Although most think that a company would likely request a copy of your diploma, during the interview process, sometimes the request can come months (and sometimes years) later. I can personally recall a situation with a friend of mine named Luella who had just started working as a operations manager for a temp agency. She had graduated from a private college with a business administration, and when she found out the agency was looking for somebody with experience and a degree and she had both, she submitted her result and after several interviews, landed the position. At...


    Using the best diploma templates makes for a better product

    The fact is, all diplomas are created from templates. These diplomas display details including the school's name, student information, dates, and more. Once a template is created, it is possible to mass produce it for thousands of graduates every year. Sites that offer fake diplomas have simply taken a template and replicated, so that it can be individually reproduced for their clients. During our time in business, Diploma Company has collected a wide variety of templates including ged diploma templates, high school diploma templates and college diploma templates that have been provided by former graduates or located by our research team. This collection allows current customers a breath of fresh air, assured that their diploma will be a high quality replication of an actual diploma from their school of choice. When requesting such a product, a client simply needs to choose the type of diploma they want to order from our catalog...

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