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    How Diploma Movie Props Set the Stage!

    Lights, camera, action.... diplomas? When you think of a prop in a movie, you're probably picturing a wad of cash that an actor playing a banker might be holding? Or maybe the license plate on the car of our hero? Props such as these are often used during the production of a movie or TV show, to heighten a character and best set the scene! In fact, props are often so memorable that some of are sold to fans through auction sites. One particular type of props often spotted on sets are diploma movie props. You may have see one of these during movie that has a graduation scene. Maybe during the ceremony, a student walks across the state to get their diploma. That diploma would be a movie prop. in some cases the prop may seem more realistic at times than others, but they still play a vital role in setting the stage and making the moment work. You...

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