My job wants my diploma but I don't have one!

    You showed up for work on Monday morning and out of the blue your boss calls you into his office! He says the company needs a copy of your credentials! Your job wants your diploma. All of a sudden you realize you don't have one. First of all, is it normal that jobs ask for my diploma? Although most think that a company would likely request a copy of your diploma, during the interview process, sometimes the request can come months (and sometimes years) later. I can personally recall a situation with a friend of mine named Luella who had just started working as a operations manager for a temp agency. She had graduated from a private college with a business administration, and when she found out the agency was looking for somebody with experience and a degree and she had both, she submitted her result and after several interviews, landed the position. At...


    Who can make me the best diploma copy?

    Maybe your boss needs a copy of your diploma, or maybe you desire a backup to protect the original? People seek a quality copy of their diploma for a number of reasons. Fortunately, Diploma Company stocks a large collection of diploma templates including options from local area high schools, colleges and universities! Each template captures the unique characteristics of each diploma including how the school's name is printed, how your name will be displayed, how the date for graduation is formatted and more. These resources is what allows particular sites such as Diploma Company to offer high quality diploma copies for their clients. How can I request a diploma copy today? First, visit our store and look through our current catalog of custom documents. Choose between high schools or college diplomas and then choose a specific country, so we can make sure the correct template is used ensuring the best copy possible. Once...

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