A career path with an IDS degree

    As human beings, our desire to help others often leads to wanting to learn more about other countries, their political and economical problems and how we can help them. And although sometimes we struggle to achieve this - as was discussed in the document, "What are we doing here?" about the struggles we've have had to lift Africa out of despair - there is still a desire we have, as a people, to understand international development issues and solve these problems. If you are somebody whose had a profound curiosity in political, social and economic issues, perusing a degree in international development studies or (IDS) is exciting. With an IDS degree, you will study key issues and ideas that can help solve development problems in countries around the world. These problems include adapting new technologies or ideas to a country to enhance or improve their way of life, improving their diplomatic relationships with other countries...


    Earn Money Without a College Degree

    Ways to Earn money without college degree We are often told, education, and more so a college degree is what will get your life rolling. Most certainly, education has its space and cannot go unnoticed. However, what most people do not tell you is that it is still possible to have a decent life, and even earn a six figure salary working on jobs that do not require a college degree. This does not mean that you should forego education all together, since basic education makes it possible for you to have these jobs. People such as Steve Jobs the co-founder of Apple dropped out of college and did not graduate as his parents could barely afford his education. This did not stop him from becoming the man that he wanted to be. Here is a list of jobs where you can earn money without college degree. 1. Online marketing Manager To start...


    Why are college dropout rates so high?

    The is no denying how much the people who make hiring decisions demand a college education. It's for this reason, that so many people register for classes at a college or university in an attempt to earn a diploma in their preferred field of study. For some, the challenge can often become too much to handle and they are forced to drop out before completing their goals. The issue of students quitting on their degree is a certainly a growing one. The overall rate of college dropouts has surprisingly increased in recent years, and although it's a conversation that many did not want to have, it's one that they should. A number of reports conducted now show that there are multiple reasons why students struggle to earn a degree, resulting in putting their studies on hold or quitting school altogether. The statistics are backed by lots of precise data. Read latest #blog post...


    Importance of a college diploma in today's job market

    There was once a time when having a college diploma was enough to land somebody work in today's job market. Those days seem to be gone. Just ask Thelma Morales who graduated with a degree in social sciences. Unfortunately for Thelma just 10% of employers are hiring graduates with her degree according to a recent study. Like so many people before her, she will most likely have to return to college and focus on a field of study that is more in demand. As employees today are looking for specific degrees of study for their request college graduates, having the right college degree can help give you the edge in today's job market. Is a College Diploma in the job market a requirement? Although Thelma's story makes it sound like she is blocked from having any career opportunities with her degree, that is not necessary true. To this day, a college graduate - regardless of...


    How to get the most money out of my college degree?

    As college degrees are necessary for landing a good paying job, it is important to understand which majors will increase your chances of landing a great paying job! As many college graduates plan to walk across that stage at the end of the semester, we decided to take a moment to discuss the best paying college degrees in today's job market. Currently, jobs that require engineering degrees top the list with a median mid-career pay of $88,600 to $155,000 and a median starting salary of $51,700 to $97,900. In second place are computer science degrees, with a median mid-career pay of $97,900. Coming in last are positions that require human services and early childhood education degrees, topping out at a median annual salary of just $39,000 annually. Before, we took a look at what degrees were most desired by businesses, but that doesn't always make them the best paying. For this article, we...


    The rise of associate degree nursing programs

    An associate degree is nursing is becoming more popular as years goes by. Associate nursing degree programs include both clinical and classroom experiences that equity students with knowledge on how to perform basic healthcare duties and patient assessments. In addition to nursing topics, students using the associate programs learn about the legal medical requirements and the emergency care procedures. The program typically takes a duration of two years to complete and the curriculum includes also liberal arts.  To become a qualified and registered nurse, you must take and pass the National Council Licensure Exam. Why is earning an associate degree in nursing important? The nursing job department is growing and is expected to continue to grow over the next few years. Earning an associate degree in nursing (ADN) will get you one foot in the door of nursing professionalism and it will potentially lead you to greater opportunities in the future. Getting...

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