college dropouts


    Reasons why students fails to get a PhD

    The number of students dropping out of graduate school and not getting their PhD is higher than ever! The dropout rate among PhD schools is high as advancing one's college education is easier said than done. In fact, turns out that students at these colleges fail to graduate half of the time. This article dives into common reasons for failure and lessons that can be learned for new graduates entering school. Make sure to focus on your courses and grades So many students could care less about their grades at grad school. The way most see it, is the optimal GPA is the minimal GPA, meaning doing as little as possible is good enough. The reasoning behind this is, a graduate degree is often based upon research, writing research papers, thesis, etc. The more time spent in the classroom getting a good overall grade, can also symbolize less time researching your field of study. I suggest that you spend the...

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