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    How to Get a Diploma from a Closed College or University?

    Getting a copy of your diploma from a school that is no longer operating can become quite the challenge for some. Although the situation seems rare, a number of institutes have closed their doors over the years making a replacement diploma difficult to obtain for graduates. Believe it or not, when the economy suffers even schools sometimes have GOING OUT OF BUSINESS signs on their doors! This is because some schools are for-profit and when not enough students enroll, the school can no longer afford to operate. In the cases where public schools close, local entities take over record keeping. But that is often not the case with privately funded schools, and those needing copies of their records or replacements of their diplomas from closed colleges are often out of luck. Resource: See a complete list of colleges that have closed or merged: How to quickly replace a diploma from a closed college or university! For...

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