Importance of a college diploma in today's job market

    There was once a time when having a college diploma was enough to land somebody work in today's job market. Those days seem to be gone. Just ask Thelma Morales who graduated with a degree in social sciences. Unfortunately for Thelma just 10% of employers are hiring graduates with her degree according to a recent study. Like so many people before her, she will most likely have to return to college and focus on a field of study that is more in demand. As employees today are looking for specific degrees of study for their request college graduates, having the right college degree can help give you the edge in today's job market. Is a College Diploma in the job market a requirement? Although Thelma's story makes it sound like she is blocked from having any career opportunities with her degree, that is not necessary true. To this day, a college graduate - regardless of...

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