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    Shopping For a Phony Diploma Online!

    Purchasing a phony diploma online can lead to issues is you don't make the best choice! It seems like every day I turn on Google, there is some story about somebody getting caught with a phony diploma. I personally remember years ago when a woman named Martha ed us about a phony she purchased, from another site, for her job. The decision ended up becoming one of the worst of her life. You see, she actually graduated school but was unable to get a copy made after the school shut down! Her boss was demanding a copy and unsure what to do, she invested in phony diplomas instead. Getting such a document made to replace a lost degree is nothing new. As it turns out, Martha got the diploma, had a copy made, and handed it into her work. You would assume all turned out well and that was that, but that wasn't that. When...


    A guide to the best educational websites

    When we often think of jobs that we consider to be "thankless", teaching children, for some, is often up there.  It is often uncommon to see both parents and children struggle trying to work with their children, only to see looks of exhaustion as they roll their eyes back in frustration. Fortunately, there a number of great educational websites that can help your child through fun interactive games and quizzes that enhance their knowledge, test their brainpower and may someday help them lead to getting their diploma on graduation day! The following is a list of the best educational websites that we've found for teaching children and sites that we definitely recommend every parent bookmark and save for later. 1. Fun Brain What child doesn't love the joy of playing a fun game? At Fun Brain they offer a wide variety of interactive games that mix the joys of things kids love with solving problems. Consider "Math...


    Kinds of common fake certificates that are in demand

    Did you know that some of the most popular kinds of products sold at online novelty document print shops are fake certificates? The number of people purchasing these types of items has seen a steady increase over the years, as more and more people use them to fool others, increasing their demand to an all-time high. Most of the fake certificates sold are used strictly for entertainment value, and can be a pretty affordable prank - for some - to play on others. It's important to understand that these types of products are made by these shops to simply dupe others, and they are not produced to help people lie about their credentials or take part in what may be considered wrongful activity. They are simply created to bring smiles to people's faces. There are many popular types of phony certs that people love to collect including fake massage therapist certificates and...


    Replacing my GED Diploma Wasn't Easy

    After I passed all of the individual tests needed to get my GED, I remember the day I was handed a certificate with my name on it letting me know that I was a certificate holder. The process wasn't easy, as I struggled with many parts of the test and on many occasions thought about giving up. What inspired me was what my family was going through. You see, I was taking this test just before my nineteenth birthday, having just dropped out of high school and needing to financially support my mother after my dad had just passed away. It was also a personal achievement for me, because neither my dad or his dad, had gotten their diploma before. Now, nearly thirty years later when I found myself in need of replacing that very same certificate after misplacing it, I find that my options to get a second copy...


    How to make a high school diploma

    The fact is, fake diplomas are very simple to make if you have access to the right materials. They are great for those attending a recent graduation party who may not have graduated themselves but want to impress old friends. But there are also other reasons why somebody may want to buy such a product. For example, they want to protect their real diploma and put out a fake one in its place for those visiting their home to see. At the same time, they may want to display their diploma in several places such as a home and office, making the need for additional copies. Although the reasons for wanting one will vary, the path to obtaining one can be frustrating for some who don't realize the many steps involved in doing it right. Some will try to make one themselves before smashing their computer in rage! For others they...


    My job wants my diploma but I don't have one!

    You showed up for work on Monday morning and out of the blue your boss calls you into his office! He says the company needs a copy of your credentials! Your job wants your diploma. All of a sudden you realize you don't have one. First of all, is it normal that jobs ask for my diploma? Although most think that a company would likely request a copy of your diploma, during the interview process, sometimes the request can come months (and sometimes years) later. I can personally recall a situation with a friend of mine named Luella who had just started working as a operations manager for a temp agency. She had graduated from a private college with a business administration, and when she found out the agency was looking for somebody with experience and a degree and she had both, she submitted her result and after several interviews, landed the position. At...

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