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    How to prepare for GED Test

    Studying for a GED test can often be difficult, especially if years have past since your last time you have had to study for an exam. Although these tests have come a long way from the days of pencil and papers, as more and more students take their test online, the same basic understanding required to each such a degree is the same. A GED is a four part test that consists of questions involving language and arts, math, science and social studies. The questions are often asked as multiple choice, fill in the blanks, drag and drop and short essays. Many people who have taken the test will suggest that you spent time studying because it can be difficult to pass. Fortunately there are a few websites that offer great practice tests to prepare yourself. Once complete you are given a ged diploma which features you name, your testing center, and dates...


    Importance of a college diploma in today's job market

    There was once a time when having a college diploma was enough to land somebody work in today's job market. Those days seem to be gone. Just ask Thelma Morales who graduated with a degree in social sciences. Unfortunately for Thelma just 10% of employers are hiring graduates with her degree according to a recent study. Like so many people before her, she will most likely have to return to college and focus on a field of study that is more in demand. As employees today are looking for specific degrees of study for their request college graduates, having the right college degree can help give you the edge in today's job market. Is a College Diploma in the job market a requirement? Although Thelma's story makes it sound like she is blocked from having any career opportunities with her degree, that is not necessary true. To this day, a college graduate - regardless of...


    How to get the most money out of my college degree?

    As college degrees are necessary for landing a good paying job, it is important to understand which majors will increase your chances of landing a great paying job! As many college graduates plan to walk across that stage at the end of the semester, we decided to take a moment to discuss the best paying college degrees in today's job market. Currently, jobs that require engineering degrees top the list with a median mid-career pay of $88,600 to $155,000 and a median starting salary of $51,700 to $97,900. In second place are computer science degrees, with a median mid-career pay of $97,900. Coming in last are positions that require human services and early childhood education degrees, topping out at a median annual salary of just $39,000 annually. Before, we took a look at what degrees were most desired by businesses, but that doesn't always make them the best paying. For this article, we...


    Top High School Dropout Jobs

    The list of high school dropout jobs may be longer than you think! When it comes to finding good work, no one has a tougher time than high school dropouts. According to a recent study conducted at Georgetown, those without a college education have a much harder time finding employment than those that went to college. These days the unemployment rate for somebody that holds a college diploma is 4.5% while those with just a high school diploma is 24%! That's almost six times as much! Still, for many high school students the goal of getting their diploma isn't met for a wide variety of issues including financial problems, personal commitments, and more. However, it is still possible for high school dropouts to find good paying jobs based upon having the right skill sets and connections to land desirable positions. We decided to put together a list of the best jobs that a high...


    The rise of associate degree nursing programs

    An associate degree is nursing is becoming more popular as years goes by. Associate nursing degree programs include both clinical and classroom experiences that equity students with knowledge on how to perform basic healthcare duties and patient assessments. In addition to nursing topics, students using the associate programs learn about the legal medical requirements and the emergency care procedures. The program typically takes a duration of two years to complete and the curriculum includes also liberal arts.  To become a qualified and registered nurse, you must take and pass the National Council Licensure Exam. Why is earning an associate degree in nursing important? The nursing job department is growing and is expected to continue to grow over the next few years. Earning an associate degree in nursing (ADN) will get you one foot in the door of nursing professionalism and it will potentially lead you to greater opportunities in the future. Getting...


    Searching for a quality fake college transcript?

    Have you been shopping for a fake college transcript? If you have, than today is your lucky day because you have landed at the right place! As a personal collector of fake degrees and diplomas and transcripts, I have made this blog for other collectors (such as yourself) to find and purchase the items they want. Whether you seek a fake college transcript or a replication of a real diploma, I can help you find the best of these products that the internet has to offer. How to locate a quality college transcript that is a fake? There are many companies out there who will say that they make exceptional looking fake college transcripts. In my experience, there are only a few that truly do a great job. In order to decide which company to buy fake transcripts from, I recommend that you research several review sites where people actually purchased products...

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