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    Top Paying Jobs with Business Degree

    Every year thousands of people graduate looking for the top paying jobs with business degree. Have you ever stopped to wonder about the job market for them and what positions they may find and what positions pay best? A number of industries including banking, insurance companies, retail shops, and large corporations, often seek out those with a business degree when hiring for new positions. The reason is because such a degree prepares you for many skills that necessary in most business environments such as analytical and critical thinking, decision making, problem solving, logical thinking and a basic understanding how different types of businesses function. Although there are many difference reasons why somebody might choose to peruse a particular job needing a degree in business, often wanting to choose the position that pays the best is most important to job applicants. That being so, we give your our list of the top 5...


    Are All Novelty Degree Sites Actually Diploma Mills?

    A lot of times people use the term "diploma mill" to describe a business that issues novelty diplomas. Although this is true, not all novelty diplomas are issued by mills. To better understand my point, you need to know what a degree or diploma mill is. What is a diploma mill? In short, a diploma mill is a business acting under the name of a phony educational institute which in returns distributes diplomas on the behalf of their school. Case in point, I start up a university online called "McGuire Institute of Commerce" and for $1,000 I'll sell you a diploma from McGuire and you can tell your friends, whomever, you graduated for my school. A lot of people will say, well McGuire isn't a real school because they aren't real classes or a campus but that is where the definition of a diploma mill gets murky. You see, let's say I set my own academic...


    What is the total number of graduate degrees in the U.S.?

    The answer is just under 11%. That according to a 2012 study by the U.S. Census Bureau. The data was taken from U.S. men and women over the age of 25 who had graduate degrees. The same 2012 report showed that 30% of Americans had at least a bachelors, showing a 20% drop from undergraduate to graduate degrees. Just to compare, only a decade before, just 8.7% of Americans had graduate degrees. The 4% increase shows a steady growth among degrees being issued...


    Substitute a lost degree with a replacement diploma

    After graduating from school, they presented me with a diploma. At the time, I looked at it as nothing more than a piece of paper. I never through one day I'd be searching for a replacement diploma. BUT I did and this is my journey. Now, you usually hear a lot about how much graduating means to family members but at the time, that aspect never hit me. But knowing how much it meant to both my parents, I gave them my diploma to hang in their home with pride. My searching for a replacement of my diploma You would think after all of the time and energy and money used up to get a diploma, you would safeguard it with your life. Still, like anything else it could get lost or damaged which makes replacing it someday a possibility. A few years back I begun a new job and my employer requested a...


    Fake Texas Diplomas and Transcripts

    Have you lost or misplaced a Texas diploma? Did you never graduate from a Lone star state school but want to trick some friends into thinking you did? A few years back, a friend of mine named Clarence graduated from the State University, before losing his diploma. Not being able to afford the school's delay in replacing her degree, he turned to this site. They were able to create him a custom fake Texas diploma that looked and felt like her old one. He was amazed at how authentic it looked, how fast it came and that they were willing to give him a free proof to approve their work. He has since recommended them to Bobby who needs one from "A&M". If this sounds like something you are into it, Diploma Company is your answer! We create products that make great replacements for lost or damaged documents, novelties and more. We are...


    Best 5 things high school teaches you

    I wonder what high school taught me but what do you think it will teach you? The truth is, college can be a pretty cool experience but what it's also a great opportunity to look back at the time and spent in high school, the memories you made there, the diploma you earned and more. What you will find is that high school was a blast, it was a time full of new excitements, plenty of adventure and learning that further enriched your life. Off the top of my head I could think about making new friends, how to deal with the endless onslaught of childish rumors, how to plan ahead for the future, how much relationships matter, and how to keep your integrity. I put together a list of the best 5 things high school teaches you that caught my attention on social media. Do you agree with this list? I'd love...

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