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    Definition, High School

    A school that is attended after completing elementary school or junior high, a high school is comprised of grades 9 or 10 through 12. Related Definitions High School Diplomas How are GED and High School Diplomas the same? Top High School Dropout Jobs...


    Definition, Realistic Diploma

    A realistic diploma, also referred to as a fake diploma or a phony diploma, is an authentic-looking recreation of a diploma once issued by a high school or college. These diplomas are often used as a replacement diploma or as a way to boost one's self esteem...


    Definition, Forged Diploma

    A forged diploma is a faked or replicated diploma designed to look like the orginal document. Such a diploma is often created using a diploma template and is often bought as a backup diploma copy...


    Definition, GED

    A GED, which is also called a General Educational Development certificate but at the same time is alluded to as a General Education Diploma, is an arrangement of tests that when finished affirm the test taker (American or Canadian) has met secondary school level academic standards. Related Definitions What is a high school? GED Diplomas Fake GED Diplomas What is a college?...


    Definition, Replacement Certificate

    A replacement certificate is used to subsitute for a certificate once issued by a school or training facility. Many people often use fake certificates from online suppliers as a type of replacement option for old, outdated or misplaced certifications...


    Definition, Online Degrees

    Online degrees are college diplomas that are earned through online schools. The academic award is given by the school after completing the course or courses required in a virtual environment. This type of education provides more flexibility than standard brick and mortar institutes...

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