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    Top Reasons Why People Buy a Novelty Diploma

    The reason why people choose to buy a novelty degree online isn't what you may think. For many it's replacing damaged documents and for others it's fooling a friend who questions everything. We dive into the reasons and the best solutions to tackle them...


    Fake Florida Diplomas and Transcripts

    Looking for fake florida diplomas and transcripts! We provide you a portal to best fakes from Miami, Tallahassee, Orlando and more. Custom printed with your name and dates...


    Fake California Diplomas and Transcripts

    Looking for fake diplomas and degrees from California. Finding them online can be easy but finding a company to help create realistic ones isn't always the case. Check out this helpful blog article...


    How to Get An Authentic Looking High School Diploma Copy Fast

    Is somebody asking you for a high school diploma copy? Maybe you tried calling your high school about replacing it but learned the truth about how difficult the process can sometimes be? Don't worry, that's because websites like Diploma Company can create a high quality authentic-looking copy of your high school diploma! All orders ship in less than 24 business hours and reviews from customers show prices are more than affordable. Why else would somebody need a high school diploma copy? Maybe you want to show off your real diploma at work but can't find it? Possibly your job needs a copy for record keeping? Or you could have misplaced your diploma, miss it, and simply want to have something to remember it by. Regardless of your own personal reasoning, what many find is that replacing such a document is not free of headaches. What most high school graduates painfully realize is that...


    Top Paying Jobs with Business Degree

    Every year thousands of people graduate looking for the top paying jobs with business degree. Have you ever stopped to wonder about the job market for them and what positions they may find and what positions pay best? A number of industries including banking, insurance companies, retail shops, and large corporations, often seek out those with a business degree when hiring for new positions. The reason is because such a degree prepares you for many skills that necessary in most business environments such as analytical and critical thinking, decision making, problem solving, logical thinking and a basic understanding how different types of businesses function. Although there are many difference reasons why somebody might choose to peruse a particular job needing a degree in business, often wanting to choose the position that pays the best is most important to job applicants. That being so, we give your our list of the top 5...


    Are All Novelty Degree Sites Actually Diploma Mills?

    A lot of times people use the term "diploma mill" to describe a business that issues novelty diplomas. Although this is true, not all novelty diplomas are issued by mills. To better understand my point, you need to know what a degree or diploma mill is. What is a diploma mill? In short, a diploma mill is a business acting under the name of a phony educational institute which in returns distributes diplomas on the behalf of their school. Case in point, I start up a university online called "McGuire Institute of Commerce" and for $1,000 I'll sell you a diploma from McGuire and you can tell your friends, whomever, you graduated for my school. A lot of people will say, well McGuire isn't a real school because they aren't real classes or a campus but that is where the definition of a diploma mill gets murky. You see, let's say I set my own academic...

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